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3 Mistakes In Website Planning That Make You Look Dumb

3 Mistakes In Website Planning That Make You Look Dumb

When it comes to planning a website many business owners make 3 key mistakes that to be honest simply make them look dumb. In this article, I am going to expose these 3 mistakes so that you can build the hero website that your business deserves. Let’s get stuck into the 3 mistakes right now!

Mistake 1 – Failing To Plan At All

Believe it or not, the biggest mistake made by most business owners when it comes to website planning is the complete failure to actually plan. I mean they are obviously great at what they do and they plan to succeed in their business but simply fail to plan their website.
When your website is the key focus and center of your online strategy can you really afford not to be planning everything about it properly? I know it can be time-consuming and you can feel its a waste of time but it is not. Proper planning of your business website will have the best chance it can to succeed.
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Mistake 2 – Going Without Being Ready

In some cases, it’s a good thing to go before you are ready but sadly website planning is not one of those situations. One of the biggest things we see a business owner do is start building a website without having written any content or organized any images. Would you go for a long drive without putting petrol in your car? This is the same exact thing.
We have at current at least 4 projects sitting on our shelves waiting for clients to provide content. We often get blamed for not having a website completed on time even though we have already completed the design side of things. One of the first stages of website planning is to make sure you plan out your content. The next step is creating the content. TIP: Don’t engage a website designer or developer until you are 100% clear on what you want to achieve and have all your content ready to go.

Mistake 3 – Making It About You

When it comes to planning your website many business owners are guilty of making it about themselves. I am going to let you in the biggest secret in the game, are you ready for it? You are not the center of the universe! Harsh I know but to be honest your customers do not care about you.
Your customers want to know whats in it for them and they want the information they came to get. So, by all means, have an about us page but don’t make your content all about you. Put yourself in the shoes of your clients and think what do they want to see? Not sure about what your client wants to see ask them?
Getting to know your audience should be one of the first parts of your online marketing and website strategy. Why not book in for one of our workshops and get to know your business who, what and why today!

Key Take Aways

  1. Plan your website thoroughly before moving forward with any design or development.
  2. Don’t waste your time with a designer or developer until you have every piece of content created and ready to go. It will just be a waste of money and time.
  3. Make your website about your customer, tailor your content and design to their needs and wants.
  4. If you don’t know what your customer wants, ask them?
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