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Workshop Wednesday | Simple Ways

Have you wondered how can I get my business online? What is this cloud I keep hearing about? The people in my network say my website needs SEO but I don’t know what that means! Look no further and book into the next workshop on 3rd October. The 3 presenters have over 50 years experience between them and will talk to you on a level that you can understand. Find out how you can take your business to the next level.

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Content Is King, Bow Down To The Chief!

We have all heard the old adage that content is king but never has it rung more true than in todays modern internet world. So many people globally looking for quality information that will solve a problem. But with great content comes another big issue and that is content publishing.

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Shout Out Saturday | Sheer Transformations

Welcome to our “Shout out Saturday” series where we showcase our clients. We would like to introduce you to Sheer Transformations as well as the spectacular Maggie-Laurie & Emma. If you are looking for a gym that is more of a community and people that are interested in you getting out of your membership what you need then this is the place for you. We are in the process of relaunching their website but in the meantime head over to their facebook page and give them a like.

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Updating my website, how often do I need to do it? WordPress Care

A question we get asked frequently is how often should I be updating my website. This question is a bit loaded in that it depends on quite a few variables to get an accurate answer. In an attempt to keep this clean and easy to understand we will focus on the question from a WordPress Perspective.

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Reflection Friday | 14-09-18

When someone sends you an email they are knocking on your door. And when you open the attachment, without looking though the peephole to see who it is, you just opened the door and let a stranger into your life, where everything you care about is – James Comey

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