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Welcome to our getting started page.

This page is the launching point for many of our services and ultimately the first point of contact for your project. Conceptual Creative love to work on projects with business owners prepared to put in the required work to achieve the success they deserve.

Before we start working with any business we ask you to do a few basic tasks. We have outlined these tasks below and look forward to learning more about your project shortly.

Task 1. Read through the key items below and make sure you feel that your project is a good fit for our business.

Task 2. Connect with our creative director on LinkedIn. This allows us to better get to know you. If we can't connect directly ask one of our mutual connections for an introduction. Connect with Martin Mills - Creative Director Here if you successfully connect with us we will prioritise your application.

Task 3. Select the appropriate application or brief button below and fill out the form that is provided to you. Without this form, we can't asses your project and make sure we are a good fit. So make sure to provide as much detail as possible.

Key Items & Expectations

You Have Goals Set

Everyone hates goal setting but we feel that they are super important. You see without goals for your project how will we know what to measure your success by.

To work with us you must have clear goals about what you want your project to achieve over the next 12 months. If you don't have these goals or are not prepared to set them then it's most likely best that we don't waste each others time.

You Have The Budget

We offer many services across multiple disciplines and we are great at what we do. To succeed in your business and indeed with your project you need to make sure you have an adequate budget for the project. We do not work for shares in your start-up or a percentage of your sales.

We will give you our full attention when we take on your project and we will let you know any costs up front. If anything unforeseen pops up we will let you know. We will expect that if you agree to move forward with your project you have the budget available to complete the project.

You Have A Team

All too often we see clients who just can't keep up with the demands of the project build process. That's why we recommend having someone else in your corner to help you succeed and to share the load. We don't want to see you have a meltdown or burnout so even if it's some to provide support throughout the process or a VA who can assist with tasks.

We will be here to help you as much as we can but we can't do your research and write your content as well as you can.

You Have A Passion For Business

Many of our project types require a lot of elbow grease and stress. Your passion for your business and your industry is what will drive you to keep achieving and moving forward. Your passion is what will help you achieve serious results.

Please if you're not passionate about your business and your industry then let's not work together. We only work with business owners passionate about succeeding and driven to achieve their goals.

You Have An Audience

Many of the projects we do especially our website and social media related projects require you to already have an audience. Having an audience gives you a solid foundation for growth. If you do not already have an audience you need to be certain you can build one.

Building an audience especially online is a hard and long winded thing to achieve. Having an existing audience will help you keep going when things get tough. If you don't think you can commit to the long hours and constant requirements of building an audience it might not be the project for you.

You Have The Time

Completing your project whether it be a graphic design project or website projects in order to grow your business is time-consuming. My team and I will demand 100% undivided attention and we WILL cancel your project the minute we feel you are no longer committed to succeeding.

We will do this purely because we have seen far too many business owners start projects that can provide real results and then simply lose interest. Their project ends up becoming stale and ultimately we get left with a pile of unfinished half paid for projects that are of no use to anyone. If you feel you can stay on task and focused then let's talk.