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Justify your statements

You can blow your own trumpet online as much as you like these days whether it be on social media or on your website. But is blowing your own trumpet really going to get you anywhere or should you justify your statements.

We have all done it and we all know how good we are, but to a customer you standing up and telling the world how good you and your small business are is really not going to work. In these days of social media reviews and peer recommendations, what really hits home to a new potential customer is when someone else says how good you are.

Your business may well have turned over millions of dollars’ worth of revenue or assisted someone else’s company to increase market share by some massive percentage, but when it’s just you saying these things how do people know these facts are true. You can have the best website in the world and a huge number of followers on twitter. To be honest if those followers are not happy they are going to tell their friends and family not to purchase goods or services from you.

So how do we make ourselves look great to potential clients whilst quantifying our claims? Well there are several ways you can do it that are completely inexpensive or free in most parts that will see your potentials beating down your doors to work with or purchase from your business.

Option 1 – Don’t just list generic facts and figures add some personality to them that can be quantified for example if you helped a restaurant increase cash flow by 50% then there is a good chance that people will have heard of that restaurant so list some specifics. Example instead of using “Increased revenue by 50% for well-known local restaurant” Try using specifics such as

“Increased revenue by 50% at xyz restaurant in Brisbane Australia by reducing the baseline costs of food and beverage”

This gives people a point to measure from a location to physically view and explains how you did what you claimed to have done.

Option 2 – Customer reviews are worth gold in the bank. If a customer writes a positive review or lets you know how you did something exceptional to enhance their experience with your business tell the world about it.

Ask the customer would they mind writing a short testimonial or review of your business and or services that you could you use on your social media accounts and on your website. You could also ask the customer to share their experience with other potential customers within their circle of friends and colleagues.

Word of mouth is still a very important and exceptionally successful way to spread the word about your business.

Option 3 – Pictures are worth a thousand words but moving pictures are worth more. Why not get some of your best customers to film a short 30 – 60 second video testimonial that you can upload to your social media, website and YouTube accounts after all people love to feel famous and now anyone can become web famous.

This method whilst a little more technical is by far more appealing to potential customers as they can see that your customers really are satisfied customers and they can see visually that they are real people or business owners just like them.


The above options really show you that with a little creativity you can justify your business without blowing your own trumpet and provide valuable marketing collateral for your small business. Whilst there are many other ways you can utilise positive reviews these are just a few key options that I have observed to work for small business.

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