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What is a Blog?

Noun: A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

What is a blog?

As we covered on the previous page a blog is a regularly updated online personal journal

or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world. A place to share your thoughts and

your passions.


Realistically a blog is whatever you want it to be. For the purpose of today lets say a blog

is a collection of regularly updated articles relating to your business. These are kept on

your website and regularly updated or added to.


So who blogs?


In all honesty many of the internets citizens blog. Some blog for personal reasons or too

champion a cause, some blog to educate the public and some blog to provide credibility.

Whether your an individual, a business or a bunch of likeminded enthusiasts blogging is a

great way to enrich your audience. Originally a blog was something that people did so

others could follow their day but this has all changed…


Why do people blog?


So why do people blog? to put it simply because they can. People have a voice that often

needs to be heard and a blog is a great way to let that voice be heard. A good blog can

often reach hundreds if not thousands of readers.


Blog’s have evolved and today they are less about what you had for lunch and more about

providing quality content. Social media has taken care of the day to day noise including

that sandwich you ate for lunch.


In fact todays blogs are much more in depth, a modern blog can include all kinds of great

content including:

  • Tips
  • News
  • Technical Information
  • Celebrity Scandal
  • Political Rumour
  • General Advice
  • Practical Guides
  • Much More…


How can your business utilise a blog?


Every business can utilise a quality blog to convey information, news and authority. Look

at your business, what could you write about that people would want to read?

Could you write a blog article that conveys why your business is different? Perhaps an

article about the importance <insert topic here>?

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What topics can you write about?


There are several ways to come up with ideas for blog post topics. Try answering some of these questions below:

  • What are the top 5 things / questions your clients ask you for assistance with?
  • Who are 5 industry experts that you could interview?
  • What are 5 products or services that you offer?
  • What are 5 current hot topics in your industry?
  • What are 5 great tips you can give to your clients?
  • What relevant content could you create short explainer videos for?

Feel free to contact us on facebook and let us know your ideas.

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